Entry: the kim junsu : Anycall Haptic Cf Thursday, May 08, 2008


I LOVE THE ANYCALL HAPTIC CFs!!!... all 3 versions... <333

*squishes the junsu*...

i love his part... well aside that he doesnt have a partner ( thank goodness for that <33 ) he's just so damn cute!! *squishes again* .. i esp love the part when he saw the others with their "date" ( ugh ) and started freaking out and taking pictures <333.. sooo cute!!!

and oh.. i can not help but laugh at yunho.... leadersshhiiii!! talk about being passionate on everything whether in dancing or playing errr (what do you call that game where you hit the creature's head?? ).. tsk.. tsk.. keep doing that and jaejoong will get the girl.... ^^

wow... samsung's creative/marketing team .. they're good!.. but i still think they hate snsd and want to end their carreer soon... xD

i'll post the links later.. <33


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